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Our supply partner Biopanel allows you to take control of large workforces through market leading biometrics software. Based initially on managing time and attendance, Biopanel has evolved to effectively communicate with employees using a back office central management system. It’s all run on a super smart infrastructure and software package allowing you as the client to benefit from all the data stored. It takes care of collating all ‘real time’ data for us to process payroll at a touch of button, as a client you will be given access to the portal.

Biopanel is more than a fingerprint clocking in system. It works for businesses on every level. With the add-ons in compliance, human resources and management technology, it makes business sense, and gives employers a sense of the wants and needs of their people.

The system gives employees and employers the power to be more productive. It's ease-of-use saves time every day. Productivity comes easy with a quick, effective communication system that grows into a total workforce management solution.

What our clients say

Since our agreement took place back in January 2016 to use Quest services AP Taylor have had a pleasurable and professional experience with Quest agency, from daily communications to implementing NVQ training courses on site with JB-Skills.

All corresponding individuals from Quest have not only met the daily expectations to fulfilling staff levels but have also shown great desire, also along with great flexibility and commitment to meet AP Taylor operational needs.

I personally have had previous experiences with other agency companies to which I/we can safely say that Quest has been the best service to date. The team at Quest have an infectious desire to want to drive a togetherness in effective working relations therefore the processes that have been undertaken between both parties to achieve overall goals has been welcomed in a approachable and positive manner.

We look forward to working together for the foreseeable future as AP Taylor shall promote the service levels displayed to all businesses that require support regarding agency staff moving forward.

Kieran Monger
Warehouse Manager